About us

Democracy Plus (D+)

Democracy Plus (D+) is an independent, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, officially registered in March of 2016. D+ strives the development of a democratic society through increasing civic participation in political process, generating greater public accountability and influencing decision-making. We integrate information technology in of all our efforts as we make an effort to utilize the power of Internet, which plays an important role for democratizing a society.

D+ aims to contribute in establishing good governance practices in public institutions at the central and local level, strengthening the rule of law, advancing political parties and the process of free and fair elections.

D+ undertakes initiatives that aim at bringing decision-makers closer to citizens through policy research, facilitation of dialogue and interaction, as well as public education. Today, D+ has a staff of 17 people, mostly young, who work on a daily basis with citizens and governments. We take pride in the fact that our staff comes from different academic, professional and ethnic backgrounds, all working to foster democratic values and practices that will further strengthen the voice of the Kosovar society.


Governance and society where democratic values and culture are the norm.


D+ is committed to the development of a democratic society through impacting decision-making and strengthening the participation of citizens in public policymaking and implementation.