Citizens of Fushe Kosova met with their representatives in the municipal assembly

With the support of Democracy Plus, the citizens of Fushë Kosova met with women representatives in the Municipal Assembly. The purpose of this meeting was for citizens to get a chance to express their concerns that are related to their daily lives, and also to demand commitment from representatives to address these requirements in the Municipal Assembly sessions.

Citizens of Fushë Kosova raised issues from various fields, ranging from public services provided by the municipality such as: lack of asphalted roads in the villages and public lighting in their neighborhoods, consideration of a signed petition regarding illegal construction, lack of water supply, endangerment by stray dogs, and inadequate placement of waste containers along the roads. Citizens also demanded that in the next session members of the assembly discuss the possibility of building a sports gym, or the renovation of the existing gym, despite the fact that the latter does not meet the necessary criteria.

Members of the Assembly pledged to submit these requests to the sessions of the Assembly, but also to the committees in which they participate so that they can be resolved as soon as possible.

This event is organized as part of a project supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) and implemented by Democracy Plus (D +).