Meetings with civil society regarding public procurement monitoring

These days, within the second phase of the project with the naming “exercising public pressure and exposing potential corruption in four non-majority municipalities through active monitoring and comparison in their decision-making and citizen inclusion”, supported by KCSF and the Norwegian Embassy, Democracy Plus (D+) has held several meetings with civil society in the municipalities: Graçanica/ Gračanica, Novobërdë/Novo Brdo and Mamusha/Mamuša.

The purpose of these meetings was to advocate and inform non-governmental organizations and local media about public procurement monitoring. It is worth mentioning that during these

meetings was discussed the need for a wider monitoring of procurement activities in these municipalities and the need for local non-governmental organizations to be trained and increase their capacity in the field of public procurement.

Also in these meetings were elaborated the findings of D+ from the monitoring of tenders in these municipalities and other D+ reports in the field of public procurement. Through these meetings, non-governmental organizations and local media are encouraged to monitor tenders in their municipalities, as this has a direct impact on their daily lives.

The meetings also discussed their perception regarding the presence of corruption in public procurement and what we as civil society should do in this regard.

It should be noted that the meetings were held with a limited number of non-governmental organizations and local media, taking into account the pandemic situation and respecting the decisions of the Government of Kosovo on new measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The meetings were concluded by inviting them for future cooperation, in order to monitor procurement activities and expose violations in public procurement and detect potential corruption.