International Republican Institute (IRI) and Democracy Plus (D+) launch Kosovo Elections Map Platform – Visualized Kosovo Elections

Today, the International Republican Institute (IRI) and Democracy Plus (D+) have launched the Kosovo Elections Map Platform – Visualized Kosovo Elections. The launched Platform is the only web platform in Kosovo that interactively displays Kosovo election results over multiple election cycles. The Platform gathers a comprehensive set of information, including voter turnout, party vote shares and percentages of invalid ballots, for national, municipal and mayoral elections. The Platform allows for analysis of information at the sub-national level, including by municipality, polling center, and even the individual polling station.

The launch event brought together representatives from different political parties in Kosovo, as well as members of the Central Election Commission (CEC), civil society organizations (CSOs), media and academia.

During his opening remarks, Mr. Paul McCarthy, IRI Regional Director, Europe Division said:
“IRI has considered it important to support Democracy Plus in its effort to expand its Election Results Platform. We believe that the Platform can provide political parties with a meaningful tool to better understand their historical electoral performance.”

On the other hand, the Chairwoman of the CEC, Mr. Valdete Daka, among others things said that:
“We hope that all those interested will have the opportunity to access information easily through this platform, and I applaud those who made the platform possible. In this regard, we will be open to provide all information required from us in the future”.

Albert Krasniqi, from Democracy Plus, emphasized that:
“We believe the platform is a good opportunity for the political parties to understand what happened in previous elections and thus, improve their own performance in future elections. The media can use the platform to enrich their articles while researchers may conduct studies through sufficient information available”.

The interactive Platform is an advanced and unique tool for political parties, civil society organizations, researchers and other stakeholders to easily track how parties and individual candidates performed from municipality-to-municipality and from election-to-election in Kosovo. They may also identify where improvements in the voting process are needed, whether through improved voter turnout or lowering the share of invalid ballots.

The platform will be soon translated into Albanian and Serbian versions, while new advanced features will also be added. The platform is accessible  at the following link:

This initiative is supported by National Endowment for Democracy.