Open Call for Journalists

Democracy Plus (D+) with the support of USAID Program – Transparent, Effective and
Accountable Municipalities (USAID TEAM) will soon publish Red Flags in Public Procurement
webpage, which will enable citizens, journalists and other interested parties to easily identify
procurement activities which raise suspicions and help analyzing them. In Kosovo during a
year there is great number of contracts signed and it is very difficult to spot mismanaged
contracts and corruption. For this reason, the Red Flags in Public Procurement page
automatically takes the data from procurement activities published in the e-Procurement
platform using formulas and algorithms and filters tenders with potential violations. For
tenders which have Red Flags, that does not necessarily mean that they are tenders with
violations, but it may raise a suspicion which is worth further investigation because procedures
with such elements are more prone to mismanagement and corruption.

D + aims to support the writing of five research articles for five tenders to be selected through
the Red Flags page. D+ invites all journalists with knowledge in the field of procurement to
apply and select a tender from the platform for further research and articulation of findings in
an article.

Qualification criteria:
• The journalist must be employed in one of the Kosovar media.
• The journalist must have written at least one article of this nature.
• Tenders must be selected from the Red Flags in Public Procurement page
• Tenders must be published by the Municipalities of Kosovo.
• The investigative article must have at least 600 words

Compensation from D+:
• After the article is approved by D+, the author will be compensated with a fee in the
amount of 350 euros gross.

• The tender to be analyzed must be identified within five (5) days from the moment the
journalist is selected.
• A draft of the article must be submitted within 20 days from the moment of tender
• The article must be submitted within 30 days from the moment of tender selection.

The application must contain:
• First and Last name
• Evidence that the journalist is engaged in a medium
• Evidence of prior article (link)

Applications must be submitted to [email protected]
The application deadline is: 28 May 2021