Ndreqe (Eng: Fix It) is an online platform that collects citizens' complaints about public municipal services and portrays them on an interactive map. The platform enables citizens to easily and quickly report complaints while allowing municipal institutions to channel these requests in an easily accessible place.

The Governance Now

The platform (Eng: The Governance Now) collects the main election promises of the political parties in the electoral coalition and follows the progress of their addressing and implementation in governance. The purpose of this information platform is to encourage government leaders to work on their election proposition and serve as a tool for civil society to hold them accountable.

D + strives to make the principles of good governance such as transparency, citizen involvement, accountability of public institutions and government efficiency a culture of governance in Kosovo, at central and local level. The Good Governance program focuses on open and accountable governance with citizen participation in the processes of drafting and implementing public policies. Projects under this program address issues such as institutional transparency, public accountability and public consultation to contribute to these processes.

Kosovo Election Results Portal

The platform helps you to visually search, analyze, and explore election results, voting trends, turnouts, and more, from national to hyper-local levels, in a single powerful portal with many analytical features and data visualizations.

The platform for media education organizes interactive courses where participants can get more information and knowledge about the functioning of the media, the history of journalism, and the treatment and identification of fake news and technology.

The Procurement Review Body

The purpose of creating the database for the decisions of the Procurement Review Body (PRB) is to serve those interested in the decisions and work of the PRB so that they can more easily find and analyze the findings of PRB based on different filters, which help users find information.