Second meeting of the Basic Court Users Committee in Mitrovica  

With the support of USAID, the Justice System Strengthening Program (USAID/JSSP), Democracy Plus (D+) and the Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture (ACDC) held the second meeting of the Basic Court Services Users Committee in Mitrovica. In this meeting, participants discussed the issue of “Communication between the court and users of its services”.

At this meeting, participants noted that the Court has increased efficiency and transparency in resolving cases, but there is still room for improvement in the services it provides.

One participant said that finding documents in both official languages ​​(Albanian and Serbian) on the court’s websites continues to be a problem for the various parties who need them. Also, one of the discussants said it is necessary to update the court’s website.

Another participant in the meeting disagreed that the court’s website is the solution to all these obstacles. “I do not believe that the website of the court can do all the work. I think there should be an official who has communication with lawyers and citizens. As for the documents that the court posts, it is not possible not to be in Serbian as well, since the system puts them in two languages. Due to the lack of translators in English only, not all the documents are translated, but the CVs of Serbian judges are even in Cyrillic letters”, said the participant.

Participants in the meeting also mentioned that citizens of the southern part of Mitrovica feel discriminated, as the court has not appointed any officials to issue certificates to citizens who are not under investigation. “There are two officials in the northern part of the city, it would be great if one of them went to southern part”, she said.