The citizens of Obiliq meet with their representatives in the municipal assembly

With the support of Democracy Plus, citizens of Obiliq had the opportunity to meet their representatives in the Municipal Assembly. The purpose of this meeting was that through conversation, citizens express their demands and issues that concern their daily lives, and at the same time demand commitment from representatives that those concerns will be addressed in the Municipal Assembly.

The participants welcomed this kind of discussion, when it is known that meetings between citizens and representative of the Municipal Assembly is one of the most effective ways of pushing forward citizens’ demands.

Citizens of the Municipality of Obiliq raised concerns of various fields. Their main concerns relate to the public services provided by the municipality: the lack of asphalted roads in villages and public lighting in their neighborhoods. Citizens also demanded that members of the assembly discuss the school hours during the winter season, since pupils who take afternoon classes are put to risk on their way home due to the lack of transport.

In addition, citizens proposed that such meetings be held in localities as well, in order to promote active citizenship.

Members of the Assembly pledged to raise these concerns in the future sessions of the assembly, but also in the committees in which they participate, starting with the session in late December. Members of the Assembly also said that they will try to turn these kinds of meetings into a routine so that citizens’ requests, especially the most urgent ones, could be discussed and solved at the Assembly sessions as soon as possible.

This event is organized as part of a project supported by the Canada Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI) implemented by Democracy Plus (D +).