Vaccination Process in Kosovo and Protection from the Delta Variant

The purpose of this short paper is to compare the number of Delta variant cases in countries such as France, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Montenegro, Serbia, and Albania and to examine the policies introduced by these and other countries to motivate people to seek immunization against COVID-19. Some of the recommendations that D+ is addressing to the Ministry of Health and the Kosovo National Institute of Public Health for encouraging people to vaccinate are:

  • Establish vaccination sites in villages, as not all people have the opportunity to attend the main vaccination centers;
  • Post signs on the floor in vaccination centers, to enforce the physical distance between citizens;
  • Establish mobile vaccination teams to deploy in remote areas and reach older patients;
  • Impose mandatory vaccination for teachers, store workers, hoteling business, bus, and taxi drivers, as these are categories that have direct contact with people.
  • Organize public debates and TV shows with health experts to explain vaccine efficacy and take live questions from the public;
  • Produce and broadcast video messages from influential people who have been immunized
    against COVID-19;
  • Vaccination should run uninterrupted including weekends, providing more opportunities to the citizens to vaccinate.



This publication was produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Democracy Plus and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. The EU funded project “Contribute to exposing flaws in institutional efforts to fighting COVID-19 pandemic through new legislation pieces and public contracts” is implemented by Democracy Plus (D+).



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