Organizing 15 info sessions with 365 young people about providing knowledge to identify fake news

D+ and BIRN Kosovo, for a month, have held information sessions with about 365 young people in 15 municipalities of Kosovo: Skënderaj, Drenas, Kamenica, Obiliq, Gjakovë, Ferizaj, Vushtrri, Dragash, Viti, Gjilan, Klinë, Mitrovica, Rahovec, Suhareke and Podujeva.

The main purpose of these sessions was to provide knowledge and information to young people regarding the identification of fake news, ways of dealing with them and reporting procedures. This knowledge was reflected through the platform, where the participants were informed in detail about the functioning of the media, the handling of fake news and the identification of ‘deep fake’ technology.


This activity is supported by the Embassy of Switzerland in Kosovo.