Good Governance

D+ strives for good governance principles such as transparency, citizens inclusion, accountability of public institutions and government efficiency become the culture of governing in Kosovo, at the central and local level. The Good Governance Program focuses on open and accountable governance with citizen participation in the processes of drafting and implementing public policies. Projects under this program address issues such as institutional transparency, public accountability and public consultation in contributing to these processes.

Rule of Law

D+ aims to strengthen the rule of law in Kosovo through improving public procurement and the justice system. We believe the rule of law is a precondition for a fostering democracy. Our Rule of Law program has a special focus on combating corruption in the public procurement processes, making courts more efficient and effective and ensuring proper implementation of laws of the land. D+ is committed to ensuring that horizontal accountability between public institutions functions with integrity and operational power, and to foster vertical accountability from citizens towards public institutions.

Political Parties and Elections

D+ dedicates itself to advancing internal democracy of political parties in Kosovo, based on the conviction that this element is essential to the state’s democratization. Our work with political parties includes ideological profiling, developing internal democratic procedures, and preparing candidates for elections. In addition, D + is committed to empowering marginalized groups including women, young people and people with special needs, within political parties. D+ offers its expertise and efforts to ensuring that electoral processes in Kosovo are free and fair, and increase citizens' confidence in the institutions that manage the electoral process and in the results that derive from elections. At the core of this program stands the improvement of the legal infrastructure, capacity building of election management bodies and awareness raising of the public on the importance of participation in elections. D+ also works with local organizations to build their capacities for impartial monitoring of elections and objective reporting of findings.